Can Machine-made Sand really make Money?

In recent years, natural river sand has been banned, and machine-made sand has become an investment project for many entrepreneurs to make money. Many people have invested in this industry. What is the future? Is it full of money as everyone said? Analyze the investment cost and profit recovery of the following machine-made sand projects for everyone. Take the production line of 50-100 tons as an example!

  1. Preliminary investment, the investment in raw materials. If we have our own mine, this part of the money can be saved, but if we need to import materials, we still have to add this part of the budget. In addition, we should also note that the size and hardness of the raw materials directly affect the purchase of our equipment and the configuration of the production line. Secondly, it is the purchase of equipment and the configuration of the production line. We can choose small-scale equipment for small-scale production in the early stage. However, when it comes to the configuration of the production line, we should analyze specific issues in detail and cannot generalize. For example, the characteristics of the raw materials we mentioned above, we need to determine whether we need to equip the crushing equipment in the front according to the size of the raw materials, and we need to be equipped with the corresponding crushing stages, which will directly affect our production line investment budget. After that, there are basic expenses such as manpower, material resources, electricity, and logistics. When we configure the production line, we try to choose automatic configuration, so that we can save a lot of expenses in terms of later material resources and worker wages.
  2. Lets first use a set of data to illustrate the situation. The comprehensive price of machine-made sand: 190 yuan/square; coarse clean sand and medium clean sand 289.00 yuan/square; the more representative C30 concrete price in the project is as high as about 530.00 yuan/square. The raw materials for the production of machine-made sand are very rich. All kinds of bluestone, river pebbles, marble, basalt and other stones, even construction waste, waste residue, etc. can be used for sand making. The raw materials are also quite economical, and the price ranges from 7 yuan/square to 80 yuan/square. In addition to the cost of raw materials, we have previously shared that the overall cost of the entire machine-made sand plant equipment, labor costs, etc., ranges from more than 200,000 to 1 million. Then according to market prices and related cost accounting, the investment mechanism sand field belongs to the profiteering industry. One of the main factors affecting the profit of the machine-made sand plant is the investment in the machine-made sand production line. Because it affects the stability of our production and the quality of finished products. So what kind of machine-made sand production line is more profitable? If you want to make money for the machine-made sand yard, the first thing to do is that the production line can continue to run and continue. To achieve this, the production line must of course be more environmentally friendly. Therefore, the entire production line should be designed with less dust and low noise. Another point is to keep the production line high-yield, continuous operation, and the quality of the finished sand is good, which can be sold at a good price in the market.

Among the many design schemes of machine-made sand production lines, several models are always favored by users, among which the profits are larger, as listed below: 1. Feeder + Jaw Crusher + Impact Crusher/Cone Crusher + Sand Making Machine + Circular Vibrating Screen + Belt Conveyor + Centralized Electronic Control System; 2. Feeder + Heavy Hammer Crusher + Sand Making Machine (shaping machine) + Circular Vibrating Screen + Belt Conveyor + Centralized Electronic Control System; 3. Mobile Jaw Crusher + Mobile Counterattack/Mobile Cone Crusher.