Environmental Protection EPC Project of a Limestone Production Capacity of 500t/h

Guangxi is located in the southern part of the motherland and is rich in natural mineral resources. The rocks in Hechi, Guangxi are mainly limestone. Therefore, there are many local limestone industries, such as cement and stone crushers.

In September 2021, the 500 t/h sand aggregate production line was constructed by Dahua Heavy Industries. From surveying and mapping design, civil engineering design to equipment installation system deployment, layer by layer control, one step in place, and efficient intelligent management. This production line is mainly the equipment used includes vibrating feeder, JC series jaw crusher, PFQ series impact crusher, PLS series vertical impact crusher, YKR vibrating screen, sand washing and recycling integrated machine.
The completion of the project will provide high-quality sand and gravel aggregates for highway projects. The sales of finished sand and gravel aggregates are in short supply. The economic benefits are considerable. The assembly structure with high dust collection and scientific assembly methods can reduce the construction period and shorten the investment recovery period. Save worry and effort when constructing production lines. Dahua Heavy Industry has adopted a brand-new mine management model to ensure the whole process of project operation and management is worry-free.
Process flow
The material is sent to the silo by the transporter, and the vibrating feeder evenly feeds the material to the jaw crusher. The coarsely crushed material is conveyed by the belt conveyor to the impact crusher for intermediate crushing operation, and the finished material passes through the belt conveyed to the circular vibrating screen, the qualified materials pass the conveyor belt directly into the storage bin, and those that cannot meet the requirements of the finished product size are transferred back to the impact crusher by the conveyor belt for re-crushing, and then enter the storage bin after being qualified.

Project Benefits

  1. Reasonable configuration, high yield and high efficiency
    Dahua Heavy Industry designed the jaw crusher as the coarse crushing equipment according to the local terrain, the impact crusher is the two-stage crushing of the medium and fine crushing, and the sand making machine is the shaping sand making, which effectively reduces the production line area and the construction investment cost. The on-site configuration plan is reasonable, and the equipment utilization rate is improved.
  2. Building a green mine
    The entire production line adopts a dry production plan, and the site is equipped with environmental protection devices such as dust removal and noise reduction, which effectively reduces dust and noise pollution, strictly controls environmental protection requirements, and achieves a double harvest in the economic environment.
  3. The finished sand is of good quality, and the smile comes naturally
    The sand and gravel industry has a high production capacity and improved crushing efficiency. The finished sand produced has good quality, adjustable fineness mode and more reasonable gradation. It is recognized by downstream users. The price on the market has increased to 120 yuan with the average price per ton; the profit of the sand plant is considerable.