What are the Measures to reduce the loss of the Tooth Plate of the Jaw Crusher?

The jaw crusher equipment commonly used in our mine production line is mainly used in the first breaking position of the processing production line. Since the materials crushed by the jaw crusher are relatively hard, the requirements for the equipment are relatively high. The material used for the jaw plate is high manganese steel. The advantage of high manganese steel is its high hardness. Therefore, for jaw crushers, China consumes a large amount of high manganese steel every year, which increases the crushing cost of materials. Loss is also a big issue. In response to this problem, Dahua Heavy Industry Machinery’s mining equipment mainly solves these problems by studying the energy consumption and tooth plate of the jaw crusher, reducing the energy consumption of the jaw crusher and extending the life of the tooth plate.

  1. Dahua Heavy Industries crushing equipment uses the dissipative structure theory, damage mechanics theory and strain equivalence hypothesis to deduce the relationship between the damage energy release rate and the damage variable during the material crushing process, and then obtain the damage energy release rate during the material crushing process critical threshold.
  2. During the experiment, Dahua Heavy Industries deduced the mathematical model of the jaw crusher and motor power according to the structure parameters of the jaw crusher and the material distribution characteristics of the jaw crusher, and used the model to calculate three types motor power of type jaw crusher. The motor power test of three types of jaw crushers for crushing sandstone verifies the rationality of the mathematical model.
  3. Through comparison, the stress analysis of the movable jaw plate of our company’s PE series jaw crusher was carried out using fuzzy random theory, and the stress calculation of the tooth plate was carried out using Ansys software, which improved the structural parameters of the tooth plate. The improved structure of the tooth plate reduces the stress concentration of the tooth plate, prolongs the service life of the tooth plate, saves the manufacturing material of the tooth plate, and reduces the energy consumption of the jaw crusher for crushing materials.

The above three aspects of the research have achieved good results. Breakthrough progress and obvious results have been achieved in the energy consumption of the jaw crusher and the life of the tooth plate. On this basis, Dahua Heavy Industry Machinery will continue to improve to reduce the energy consumption of the jaw crusher and extend the life of the tooth plate as the main research topic in the future, invest funds to build energy-saving and environmentally friendly jaw crusher equipment.