impact crusher

PFY Series Hard Rock Impact Crusher

Max. Feed size: 300, 400 (mm)
Processing Capacity: 120-650 (t/h)
Application Fields: water conservancy and hydropower, construction, highway and high speed railway, etc.
Applied Material: aggregates with compressive strength >300MPa, Moh’s hardness >  level 6.


PFY Series Hard Rock Impact Crushers are series of  products engineered for the stones with compressive strength more than 300MPa and Moh’s hardness more than 6. All types in this series are equipped with hydraulic starting  and impact rack concession devices. Besides, hammer lifting devices are additionally mounted to the large type of machines.

Product Features

1.This series of products has high crushing ratio and its finished material are cubes in shape.
2.The new type rotor body can provide extremly high rotational inertia and crushing force of hammer to thereby enhance the first pass yield.
3.The distinct design of hammer makes the shape of its crushing surface keep almost the same during its life circle and thus ensure a stable configuration.
4.The novel fixed form of hammer makes it easier and more effient to replace it.
5.Wearing parts’s passing  percentage is up to 80% which greatly lowers the cost of spare parts for users.
6.All the wearing parts can be replaced just by opening the access door and the back frame which is quite efficient for working.

Working Principle

Impact crusher is a kind of crushing machine that uses the plate hammer of the high speed rotating rotor to crush the materials at a high impacting crushing force. When the materials get into the action area of plate hammer, they are crushed by the hammer at a high speed. The crushed materials are thrown to the impact plate along the tangential direction to crush again. Then they are rebounded from the first impact plate to the action area of the plate hammer and enter into the second impact plate to repeat the above process. During this process, materials also crash with each other. This process will proceed repeatedly until the material are crushed to the required granularity, and then discharged from the clearance between impact plate and plate hammer.

Technical Parameters

Model Rotor Diameter (mm) Max. Feed Size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw)
PFY1213 φ1250 300 140-180 80—90% of Discharge
PFY1311 φ1300 300 110-210 160
PFY1214 φ1250 300 140-240 220
PFY1315 φ1300 300 160-260 250
PFY1415 φ1450 400 200-320 315
PFY1715 φ1700 500 360-520 355
PFY1819 φ1820 500 400-650 2×315
PFY1823 φ1820 500 550-850 2×400
PFY2023 φ2020 600 650-1000 2×500
PFY2223 φ2210 600 750-1200 2×560

Customer Cases

impact crusher
PFY impact crusher
impact crusher
PFY impact crusher

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