Bucket-Wheel Sand Washing Machine

Bucket-Wheel Sand Washing Machine

Wheel Diameter: 2800-3800(mm)
Wheel Width: 1.07-1.235
Processing Capacity: 20-220t/h
Application Fields: metallurgy, construction material, hydropower
Applied Material: fine and coarse grain


DXS series bucket-wheel sand washing machine is the washing equipment developed according to domestic processing situation in sand industrial by our company and take advantage of foreign advanced technology. This machine can be sorted into two types, they are light sand washer and heavy sand washer. The former type is generally for materials in fine granularity  and the latter one for those in coarse granularity.

Product Features

1. High cleanness, large throughput, high efficiency, and less run-away of sand.
2. Simple structure  for saving space.
3. Segregation design of bearing, water as well as sand greatly lessen the breakdown rate of bearing.
4. Optimal design of transmission part is beneficial for field installation.
5. Professionally designed stock guide helps to excavate and discharge materials.
6. Few vunerable parts ensures a longer service life and few maintenance times.
7. High capacity with low energy consumption, and water conservation and pollution-free.

Working Principle

When the sand washer works, electromotor drives the impeller rotate slowly through V-belt, reducer and gear. The sand and stone materials are fed into wash trough through feeding chute which are driven by the impeller to overturn and grind with each other in order to remove the impurity covering on the sand surface, at the same time destroy its moisture layer. Fill certain amount of water. The impurity and foreign matters with small proportion are discharged from the wash trough, while the clean sand and stone are taken away by the impeller, and finally are poured into discharge chute to complete washing process.

Technical Parameters

Type Wheel Diameter(mm) Wheel Width(mm) Wheel Speed(r/min) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Demension(mm)
DXS2.8 2800 880 1.235 20-50 7.5 3875×2550×2910
DXS3.2 3200 880 1.217 100-150 11 4547×3069×3400
DXS3.6 3600 1200 1.09 130-190 15 4982×4146×3800
DXS3.8 3800 1600 1.07 150-220 22 4978×5440×3798
DXS3.8/3 3800 2400 1.09 250-350 37 4978×5440×3798

Customer Cases

①Bucket-Wheel Sand Washer Case in Chengdu City②Bucket-Wheel Sand Washer Case in He'nan Province③Bucket-Wheel Sand Washer Case in Luoyang City


①Bucket-Wheel Sand Washer Case in Chengdu City
②Bucket-Wheel Sand Washer Case in He’nan Province
③Bucket-Wheel Sand Washer Case in Luoyang City


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