Rod Mill

Discharge Size: 0.8-0.074 (mm)
Processing Caqpacity: 2.8-32 (t/h)
Application Fields: mining, water conservancy and hydropower
Applied Material: ore, rock, artificial aggregate


The energy-efficient rod mill that our company produces is all that rolling bearing support instead of bearing bush slip bearing support. It will save 10-20% energy compared with slip bearing support and improve production capacity by 10-20%.due to the poor liquidity of dry method manufacturing ,the capacity is 40%~70%of wet method manufacturing.

Product Features

1.Discharge forms are all centeral discharge except for “GMBZ” series, and feed from hoppers.
2.The layout of equipment can be customized according to the demands of users and non-standard design and manufacture is also acceptable.

Working Principle

The electromotor drives the cylinder to rotate through reduction gear. Under the friction force and centrifugal force the crushed ores inside the cylinder and the steel rod are lifted to a certain height by the lining plate and fall down. The ores are gradually crushed by impacting and grinding, and finally are discharged from the cylinder.

Technical Parameters

Model Barrel Size (mm) Barrel Volume(m3) Rod Load (t) Speed(r/min) Power Outlet Size Capacity
Dia. × Length (mm) (t/h)
GMB1535 φ1500×3500 5.9 8 23 90 2.5-0.2 15-6
GMB1835 φ1800×3500 7.9 13 22.8 160 2.5-0.2 25-10
GMB2130 φ2100×3000 9.2 17 20.9 180 2.5-0.2 32-13
GMB2136 φ2100×3600 11 18 20.9 210 5-0.8 38-15
GMB2140 φ2100×4000 12.2 19 20.9 220 5-0.8 43-17
GMB2145 φ2100×4500 13.8 20 20.9 250 5-0.8 49-20
GMB2442 φ2400×4200 17 21 19 355 5-0.8 58-24
GMBZ2445 φ2400×4500 18.2 23 19 355 5-0.8 63-27
GMB2736 φ2700×3600 18.4 24 17.5 400 5-0.8 82-33
GMBZ2745 φ2700×4500 22.4 27 17.5 500 5-0.8 90-36
GMB3245 φ3200×4500 32.8 50 16.5 800 5-0.8 185-70

Customer Cases

①Rod Mill Case in Jupudu in Yunnan Province②Rod Mill Case in Taiwan③Rod Mill Case in Macheng in Hubei Province

①Rod Mill Case in Jupudu in Yunnan Province
②Rod Mill Case in Taiwan
③Rod Mill Case in Macheng in Hubei Province


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