What Equipment is Suitable for Pebble Crushing? What is the Price of 200TPH Sand Making Machine?

River pebble after being broken down, they can be utilized for sand making or as excellent building aggregates. Jaw crusher, cone crusher, and sand making machine are recommended.

The use value of river pebbles is relatively high, as they can not only serve as decorative elements but also possess a hard texture. Moreover, after being broken down, they can be utilized for sand making or as excellent building aggregates. Therefore, what equipment would be optimal for processing river pebbles? What is the price of 200t/h pebble sand making machine?

jaw crusher

What equipment is suitable for river pebble crushing?

Due to the hardness of river pebbles, both the heavy hammer crusher and impact crusher can be used for processing; however, they are prone to wear and have a limited lifespan, resulting in a restricted selection. From the crushing effect of river pebble, it can be mainly categorized into crushing and sand making. It is commonly used to process stones or coarse, medium, and fine sands with sizes ranging from 5 to 13mm. Therefore, the following crushers are recommended for pebble crushing.

1, Jaw crusher: jaw crusher is designed for coarse crushing of river pebbles, it possesses the advantages of a large crushing ratio, strong wear resistance, high crushing efficiency, and a simplified process flow. It is primarily used for stone processing with finished products ranging from 10mm to 350mm.

2, Cone crusher: cone crusher is primarily utilized for the fine crushing of river pebbles, enabling them to be broken down into smaller particles and offering advantages such as high output and enhanced intelligence.

pebble cone crusher

3, Sand making machine: In order to achieve a finer particle size and enhance the grain shape of sand, it is imperative to configure a sand making machine for the purposes of sand production, fine crushing, and shaping. The produced pebble sand has uniform grain size, refined grain shape, and minimal powder content, thereby meeting the construction sand standard more effectively.

What is the price of 200t/h pebble sand making machine?

There are various types of pebble sand making machines available, each with its own price range. Among them, the PLS series sand making machines and mobile sand making machines can reach the requirements. The prices vary depending on the type.

The PLS sand making machine, also known as the vertical shaft impact crusher, is widely utilized in the market due to its exceptional sand making and shaping capabilities. It has a remarkable sand grain shape, due to its deep cavity impeller design, resulting in a 30% increase in volume.

pl sand making machine

The mobile sand making machine is relatively more expensive, as it can be integrated with various sand making equipment. The complete set includes a feeder, sand making machine, conveyor, and screening machine, forming an efficient production line that requires no installation and significantly saves time and labor.

mobile sand making machine

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