How to Enhance the Jaw Crusher Productivity? – Improvement of Components and Parts

Jaw crusher is the primary crusher, which is used widely How to enhance the productivity during daily operation?

Jaw crusher is the primary crusher, which is used widely. How to enhance the productivity during daily operation? Now, we can improve the components and parts of jaw crusher to achieve this purpose.

(1) Frame

Frame width is subject to the feeding opening's width, so the width cannot change a lot. Frame length is limited to the movable jaw, toggle plate adjusting seat, toggle plate and other parts, which cannot change randomly. Lower the feed opening height on the premise of increasing the depth of crushing cavity not only can make the frame intensity changing little, improve the movement of machanism, but also can reduce the frame weight greatly.

(2) Movable jaw

Optimize the dimension and parameter of movable jaw crank, connecting rod and rocker to get better kinetic characteristic. To increase the horizontal stoke of movable jaw to enhance the crushing capacity and discharging ability. The decrease of the ratio of vertical stoke and horizontal stoke reduces the needed tooth plate abrasion per unit.

(3) Tooth plate

Reduce the oblique angle on both sides of fixed tooth plate to make the max.nip angle at feeding mouth is smaller than the material sliding angle, which greatly reduce the rebound phenomenon at feeding mouth. Reduce the average nip angle of the whole crushing cavity to increase the feeding and discharging speed so as to decrease the tooth plate abrasion.

(4) Motor power

We found that the nominal motor power is larger than the actual needed power, existing the situation of sub-load working. While the jaw crusher starts without load, no need relatively large power storage. Therefore, we can reduce motor power.

(5) Flywheel

Because of motor power decreases, the stored energy of flywheel decreases when the movable jaws retract, and at the same time movable jaw and movable tooth board weight are decreased.

(6) Toggle plate 

The length of toggle plate has small effect on the bottom of the moving jaw horizontal stroke. Lengthen the toggle plate, the bottom horizontal stroke is increase accordingly, but the frame length is increased, the machine weight is also increased. If the toggle plate is too short, the tilt angle is large, and the toggle plate is worn seriously. As a consequence, we should take comprehensive consideration of toggle plate, machine weight and productivity to prolong toggle plate's service life.