Stone crusher

Stone crushers are widely used in mine production lines. The entire production line is assembled by multiple crushing equipment to form coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing systems. After stone processing, it can be widely used in mines, infrastructure, water conservancy, road construction, etc., promote social development.

Types of stone crushers

  1. Stone crushing equipment – jaw crusher, gyratory crusher
    Generally speaking, the jaw crusher is selected in the coarse crushing stage. Because of its simple structure, large crushing force, and cheaper wearing parts, it is very suitable for high-hardness materials or medium-hardness materials. The operation is stable and reliable, and the equipment is wear-resistant and durable.
    Gyratory Crusher is a new generation of primary crushing equipment developed for super-large mines and quarrying projects. It can realize continuous primary crushing operations, has the characteristics of large output and good crushing effect, and is widely used in mining, hydropower, metallurgy, construction and other fields’ primary crushing of minerals and rocks.
  2. Stone medium and fine crushing equipment – cone crusher, impact crusher
    The cone crusher is crushing and processing equipment suitable for hard materials. It adopts the principle of lamination and crushing. It can easily handle materials with high hardness such as quartz stone, basalt, and granite. The maintenance cost is low, and the output is optimized. The content of needle-like material is reduced.
    Compared with cone crusher, impact crusher is more suitable for processing medium-hard materials. It has the same impact crushing principle as heavy hammer crusher. It has incomparable advantages in terms of finished products. Made of chrome alloy, the wear resistance is improved to a certain extent.
  3. Freely movable stone crushing production line – mobile crusher
    The convenience of the mobile crusher is mainly due to its strong fluidity, and the equipment can be moved according to the processing needs. It is a complete production line, and it can be opened wherever it is needed.

Application scope of stone crusher

  1. The stone crusher is used for the crushing and shaping of soft or medium-hard and extremely hard materials. Stone and various metallurgical slags, especially for high-hard, extra-hard and wear-resistant materials such as silicon carbide, emery, sintered bauxite, and beauty sand, are more efficient than other types of crushers.
  2. In the field of engineering, it is ideal production equipment for machine-made sand, cushion material, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate.
  3. In the mining field, it is widely used in the pre-grinding process, which can produce a large amount of fine ore and reduce the high-cost grinding load.